Blogging is a topic I have usually considered to be reserved to those on the fringes of society i.e. conspiracy theorists peddling their nonsensical ideas or some moribund housewife that simply doesn’t have an outlet to express herself. Obviously, these assumptions are wrong as everyone can create a blog on any topic they want, and bloggers shouldn’t be pigeon-holed as the oddities of modern society. I am no exception, thus my intention for this blog is to express my opinion on a topic that arises during the week be it about politics, public figures, history, sports, etc. None of these topics are the express purpose for this blog, however as I become more adept at blog writing I will likely branch out from the weekly topic on Sunday and write posts about a set topic on a different day of the week.

With that being said I wanted to list some of my interests that I am likely to write about. They are as follows:

  • History: In particular military history and biographical writings, though these isn’t my only historical interests. I also personally find it more fruitful to utilize both the Great Man and Forces and Trends theories as needed. Neither is perfect nor completely wrong, thus a synthesis is useful to understand history.
  • Politics: I live in the United States and have utter disdain for our major political parties owing to myriad factors (more on this in a future post). I do have some sympathy for the Libertarian Party, but this is more in terms of philosophical agreement as the party seems to be wholly incompetent (much like all the rest).
  • Current Events: I like to pay attention to all manner of current events, obviously politics as noted above, but also world news, some economic and science news, and sparingly little pop culture (best to keep this to a minimum). I find it very useful to read non-American new sources (Reuters for example) as well since they provide a different view point.
  • Zoology: I am quite interested in birds, fish, and reptiles as I find them to be quite alien in comparison to humans and mammals in general. Of these I find birds to the most interesting, therefore I’ll likely write an article about my favorite birds in the future.
  • Sports: I am a supporter of the Washington Wizards (NBA) and Boston Red Sox (MLB). I also follow the Bundesliga a little bit and support Borussia Monchengladbach. Furthermore, I am a huge fan of MMA and in particular the UFC. However, I’m not too likely to write on sports.

To end this post, I wanted to point a couple of things out. Firstly, I don’t intend for my writing to reach academic quality in nature, but I will attempt to provide a thoughtful commentary on a given topic that is both informative and thought provoking. Secondly, at times I may write in a quite strident manner on a given topic, but in all honesty, opinions tend to be strident around certain topics no matter what (politics, eh?). Nonetheless this blog is for my own enjoyment and self-expression thus my opinion is the only one given.

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